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Safe & Ecological

These products support ecological parenting.

High-Quality Muslin Squares

Muslinz muslin squares are made of exceptionally high quality muslin. They are very hard-wearing, wash well and keep their shape due to the tight weave and heavier weight. Like all muslins, they get softer the more you wash and use them – and you will use them! Great for newborn nappies, breast feeding shield, burp cloths and even general mopping up!

Available in packs of 2 or 6, in a variety of colour combinations: Blue, pink, green or yellow.

We Support Ecological Parenting

At Daizy Babies we have learned a lot about reusable products for children over the years. Only selling what we would use with our own children, our team have hands on experience with what works and what doesn’t, what looks good and what is too good to be true.

All products in our baby-care range are great for a baby’s delicate skin.