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Daizy Babies - Bamboo Nappies and Cloth Training Pants

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Cloth Nappies

Bamboo Nappies from Daizy Babies

Daizy Babies Washable Nappies are super absorbent, hygienic and super soft for your baby. Cloth nappies are easier to use than you think. Shaped like disposable nappies, Daizy Babies bamboo cloth nappies are super quick to change, wash and dry easily and are great for your pocket and the environment.

Available individually or in packs of 1. 10 or 20 – Daizy Babies real nappies are ideal for delicate, sensitive skin.

About Daizy Babies

Daizy Babies are a UK bamboo cloth nappy and training pants retailer. We provide help and support to parents looking to try cloth nappies or looking to potty train their children through sensibly priced ecological products.

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Cloth Training Pants

Try Bright Bots Washable Training Pants

Washable training pants from Bright Bots are essential for those little accidents while potty training.

They are available in a range of bright cheery colours and are shaped just like grown up pants (but with a soft waterproof layer which gives you a few more moments to run to the toilet!)

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